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Baking a Difference

We want to start baking a difference every Saturday!

That means that EVERY time you place an order with us

You give us a reason to bake and make a difference! 


Our batches are 1 size only and so we always end up with extras each week! 

Now, it’s not that Alex or my sister are complaining about having to eat all these extra’s

But we feel like we can do more start baking a difference! 


At the end of each week, we’re dedicated to donating the extras (and more) to local Montreal charities and groups! 

Apply or Nominate

If you or someone you know are busy making a change we want to bake a difference too!

Send us an email at

and let us know what group or organization you're a part of and we would love to explore this opportunity with you!

To Know More...

Follow us on Instagram @honeyandboba

The charities, groups, organizations we will be donating to will be announced at the beginning of each week.

We're so excited to be baking a difference with you!

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