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Our Story

Welcome to Honey and Boba, we're really glad that you found us! We're here to provide you with exclusively customized care packages, crewnecks and cups, curated just for you. We strive to be the shop with something for everyone.
This Small Business was started in 2021 by Mikaela with all the support of her Fiance Alex, Younger sister Marissa and the love and cuddles of their
fur-babies, Honey and Boba.
Mikaela and Marissa's late Mother was a scrapbooking queen who taught Mikaela all things design, creativity and entrepreneurship. Growing up their mom opened her own scrapbooking store where Mikaela watched her mom grow a business while using her creativity to express herself. It is with her mothers memory and the skills she passed on that Mikaela has decided to turn her passion into something more, and so here we are. 
After months of preparation, shopping, trial and error in order to perfect our designs ,we are confident in our product and all the little details. Now, we are beyond excited to share more than a store with you, but to share an experience and we're so grateful to have you here for the journey.

A note from Honey

Hi my name is Honey and I am the cute, adorable kitten of this family!  My big brother on the hand, Boba, he's the hyper puppy.  So now that you know our names let me tell you the story of how we got here...


My mom and dad adopted me when I was tiny and small, so small that my brother was a giant compared to me and like a million times my size! Now I am bigger, so hear me roar! 

My brother is the most hyper and playful puppy there is! He will bark, sit and dance on command!

He loves belly rubs from mom and dad and trips in the car but most importantly... he loves the walks!

My aunt is the kid in this family.  I like to bite at her feet and run away from her. My brother likes to bark and boss her around ! 


My dad loves to play with us! From the laser pointy thing to fetch with my brother ! Dad says that we love him the most!

My mom is the creative one out of the family! She always makes sure we are taken care of and she is the reason why our story is on this website and that we get to share it with you!


We are a small family business, come support us and welcome to the family !

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